One Happy Girl

“One Happy Girl,” Friend, May 2008, 20–22

Making Friends

One Happy Girl

Children all over the world pray, sing Primary songs, and learn about the gospel—just like you! This month let’s meet Gabriella Kate Willson of Kellyville, New South Wales, Australia.

Nine-year-old Gabriella Kate Willson has several names. Her dad nicknamed her Nugget since she is a very happy, bright, and precious girl. She is happy at home as well as at school where she won an award for the student with the brightest and happiest smile. But the name most people like to call her is Gabbi.

Helping Hand

Gabbi knows that part of making a house a happy home is keeping it clean, and she enjoys doing it! Her mother says, “I appreciate Gabbi’s good attitude and sense of responsibility in doing her chores.” She and her sister, Alicia (11), take turns doing the dishes, setting the table, and fixing breakfast. Every Saturday they take turns vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning their bedroom and the bathroom. Gabbi also likes to help her brother, Bradley (5), do his chores.

Baptism Day

Becoming a member of the Church was a very happy day for Gabbi. She remembers eagerly looking forward to her baptism and confirmation. “I felt fresh and clean after my baptism. I decided I would try to be nicer to my brother and sister. I’m trying to be very patient with my brother while I help him learn to read.”

Family Home Evening

Scripture charades and scripture mastery are two activities Gabbi enjoys participating in during family home evening. One lesson that she liked preparing with her sister was on Christ’s Crucifixion. Biko (sticky coconut rice pudding) is a favorite family treat.

Start the Day Right

Each morning before Gabbi’s dad goes to work, the family gathers together to read the scriptures and have family prayer. Gabbi is happy they start each day this way because she loves to read the scriptures. She learned to read at the age of four and read the Book of Mormon at the age of five. “I especially enjoy reading about Alma, Helaman, and the stripling warriors,” Gabbi says.

School and the Gospel

Maths and spelling are two subjects Gabbi enjoys. And playing T-ball at recess is fun. She knows that one of the best ways she can be a missionary at school is to set a good example and be kind. “If my friends are doing something wrong, I tell them that I won’t do it because I don’t feel good about it,” Gabbi explains. Each year the school has a speech contest. One year she talked about the Church and the next year she talked about the changes in the environment. When Gabbi was asked to represent her grade in the speech competition, she thought it was very scary. “I practiced and practiced so I wouldn’t be afraid,” she says.

Photographs by Julie Wardell and Janet Thomas

Whether jumping rope or helping her brother read, Gabbi puts her heart into her work.