The Beautiful Green Glass

“The Beautiful Green Glass,” Friend, May 2008, 34–35

The Beautiful Green Glass

Jesus … said, It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).

1. “Lunch is ready!” Mom called.

2. Three-year-old Trevor raced to the kitchen and quickly sat down on the stool.

3. His eyes flew past his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and apple slices to the shiny green glass full of milk.

4. “Hooray!” he exclaimed. Trevor and his five-year-old sister, Andrea, both liked to drink from the beautiful green glass. Since there was only one green glass, they took turns. Today was Trevor’s day.

5. “But, Mom, I really wanted to have that glass today!” Andrea declared. The look on her face was stormy and disappointed as she stomped to the counter.

6. “I’m sorry, it’s Trevor’s turn today,” Mom said.

7. Trevor looked at his sister. He knew she had a cold and didn’t feel well. She was always loving and kind to him. She was quick to share, and she was a great playmate. Trevor knew he loved the green glass, but he loved Andrea more.

8. “Here, sister,” he said simply as he slid the glass by her plate. “In nursery, the teacher said when people are sad, we share.”

9. “Oh, Trevor!” Andrea said with a smiling face as she gave him a hug. Trevor knew her happy face and warm hug were better than drinking from the green glass.

Illustrations by Elise Black