Raffle Tickets
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“Raffle Tickets,” Friend, Mar. 2006, 43

Raffle Tickets

My school had a fund-raiser in which we could buy raffle tickets for a chance to eat lunch with our teacher. I really wanted to eat lunch with my teacher.

After school I asked my dad if I could take a dollar to school so I could buy four raffle tickets. Dad said that he wondered if raffles couldn’t be a little bit like gambling and that Heavenly Father didn’t want us to gamble. He said I could do whatever I wanted, but that I should pray about it and see what Heavenly Father wanted me to do. He told me that I would be blessed if I did what Heavenly Father wanted me to do.

That night I asked Heavenly Father to help me make the right decision. I felt that I should not buy the tickets. The next day I didn’t take any money with me even though I was sad that I wouldn’t get to eat with my teacher. But Heavenly Father blessed me. My teacher decided to also put the names of students who were good during school into a bag and pull out a name to eat lunch with her. My name was pulled! I’m happy that I chose the right and obeyed Heavenly Father.

Nathan Grant B., age 6, Indiana