How Could I Lie?
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“How Could I Lie?” Friend, Mar. 2006, 42

How Could I Lie?

Before I left to run some errands one evening, I asked my children to do their homework and told them I would correct it when I returned home. Upon my return, I was surprised to find my seven-year-old son, Mayco, riding his bike with a friend. I asked him if he had done what he was supposed to do, and he answered with a resounding yes. I then asked if he was telling the truth, and he said, “Mama, I can’t lie to you.”

This caught his friend’s attention, and he asked Mayco why he could not lie. Mayco replied with total certainty, “How could I lie when I’m a Mormon?”

I went into the house to look over his homework, and not only was it done, but there were no mistakes.

I am grateful for the gospel principles that my son is learning and for his example of becoming more like Jesus.

Mayco de R., age 7, Argentina

Illustrated by Daniella Haro Aguayo