Fifteen Prophets
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“Fifteen Prophets,” Friend, Mar. 2006, 7

Fifteen Prophets

There have been 15 prophets in the latter days. Can you put them all in order by matching the first names next to the pictures with the correct middle and last names in the middle column?

1. Joseph

a. B. Lee

2. Brigham

b. W. Hunter

3. John

c. Woodruff

4. Wilford

d. Fielding Smith

5. Lorenzo

e. O. McKay

6. Joseph

f. J. Grant

7. Heber

g. Taylor

8. George

h. Smith, Jr.

9. David

i. Snow

10. Joseph

j. Taft Benson

11. Harold

k. B. Hinckley

12. Spencer

l. Albert Smith

13. Ezra

m. F. Smith

14. Howard

n. Young

15. Gordon

o. W. Kimball


Joseph Smith by Alvin Gittins, © 1959 IRI; Lorenzo Snow by Lewis Ramsey, courtesy Museum of Church History and Art; Heber J. Grant by C. J. Fox, © IRI; David O. McKay by Alvin Gittins, © 1958 IRI; Ezra Taft Benson © 1990 Larry Winborg, do not copy