David’s Pet Boar
June 2005

“David’s Pet Boar,” Friend, June 2005, 42–43

David’s Pet Boar

Adapted from Llewelyn R. McKay, Home Memories of President David O. McKay (1956), 127.

David O. McKay
Events in the life of David O. McKay

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

Elder David O. McKay had many pets, including a boar named Caesar.

Son: Father, you must really love animals to care for an ugly creature like that!

One day as Elder McKay was leaving to catch a train, he noticed that Caesar had broken out of his pen and was wandering away.

David: No, you don’t! We’ll keep you in the chicken coop for now. I’ll have to repair the pen when I get back.

But Elder McKay forgot to tell the rest of the family where Caesar was, so no one could feed or water him.

At 2:00 a.m., the telephone rang at the McKay house.

Operator: There’s a telegram for Mr. Lawrence McKay.

Lawrence: This is Lawrence. Please read the telegram.

Son: At this hour it can mean only bad news! I hope Father is all right.

Elder McKay’s son Lawrence scribbled down the words as the operator read them: “Caesar in chicken coop! Water him!”

Lawrence thanked the operator and hung up. Relieved, everyone laughed.

Son: That’s all the telegram said? Father must really love that ugly old boar!