For My Dad
June 2005

“For My Dad,” Friend, June 2005, 37

For My Dad

Coloring activity

Illustrated by Elise Black

Each morning when I hear your voice,

My face is full of smiles.

For you are just the greatest man

There is for miles and miles!

You know that I look up to you,

For I am very small.

I love the games you play with me,

We always have a ball.

At night you tuck me into bed

And make me feel so loved.

It’s neat that I was sent to you

From Father up above.

I made this special gift for you

So you would look so smart.

It may not be of shining silk,

But it’s a work of art!

So wear this tie on Father’s Day,

And you will make me glad.

I want to say I love you,

’Cause you’re the greatest dad!

Love, ________

Instructions: Color the tie and sign your name. Carefully remove this page from the magazine and mount it on heavy paper. Cut out the tie and punch a hole near the top where indicated. Then give it to your dad with a big hug.

Note: If you do not wish to remove pages from the magazine, this activity may be copied, traced, or printed from the Internet at www.lds.org. Click on Gospel Library.