Crossing the Waters
June 2005

“Crossing the Waters,” Friend, June 2005, 24–25

Crossing the Waters

The Red Sea was parted and Moses went through,

And, faithful, the children of Israel went, too.

The Lord gave them guidance across trackless sand,

A light they could follow to the promised land.

Upon the great waters sailed Lehi’s lone ship.

His family was frightened by storms on the trip.

They steered by a compass controlled by God’s hand,

And reached a land saved for obedient man.

The wide Mississippi was frozen that day.

The Nauvoo Saints crossed it in wagons, they say.

Thus started their journey where few men had trod,

Across the high mountains to worship their God.

By baptism’s water I enter the road

That takes me through life, past dangers untold.

But God is my Compass, my Light, and my Friend.

He’ll welcome me home at my journey’s end.

Moses Parting the Red Sea, by Robert T. Barrett; Lehi and His People Arrive in the Promised Land, by Arnold Friberg; Leaving Nauvoo, by Glen S. Hopkinson, do not copy; baptism photo by Craig W. Dimond; water backgrounds © Dynamic Graphics