The Creation
January 2005

“The Creation,” Friend, Jan. 2005, 7

The Creation

On the first day God said, “Let there be light,”

And He separated the day and night.

On the second day God created sky.

He painted it blue with clouds floating by.

On the third day God made the land and seas.

He added green grass, bright flowers, and trees.

On the fourth day God made stars twinkle bright.

He made the moon for a little more light.

On the fifth day God made owls, ducks, and larks.

He filled the sea with whales, dolphins, and sharks.

On the sixth day God made creatures on land

Like deer, frogs, dogs, zebras, woman, and man.

On the seventh day God said all was blessed.

He smiled happily and took a rest.

(See Gen. 1:1–2:3.)

Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh