A Mouse in the House
January 2005

“A Mouse in the House,” Friend, Jan. 2005, 35

A Mouse in the House

For each mouse, you will need: a 2″ (5 cm) peeled piece of banana, crushed vanilla cookies, peanut butter, 2 raisins, 1 chocolate chip, 2 almond slices, and 4 pretzel sticks.

  1. Roll the piece of banana in the cookie crumbs, completely covering it.

  2. Use the peanut butter to “glue” on raisin eyes and a chocolate-chip nose (see illustration).

    banana mouse

    Photograph by Christina Smith

  3. Push the two almond slices into the banana near the top for the mouse’s ears.

  4. Stick the pretzel sticks into each side of the face for whiskers.