A Warm, Tingly Feeling
January 2005

“A Warm, Tingly Feeling,” Friend, Jan. 2005, inside front cover

A Warm, Tingly Feeling

It has always been hard for me to sit quietly and watch general conference at home with my family. Last April, my family and I attended conference in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. We arrived early and found our seats. I watched as hundreds of people began to file in and sit down. Many whispered quietly and waved to friends. All of a sudden, people began to stand, beginning on the far side of the Conference Center. It was like a slow, quiet wave. Soon I saw why. The prophet was slowly walking up a ramp, heading toward his seat. You could have heard a pin drop. Everyone stopped what he or she was doing and watched as the prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, took his seat. A warm, tingly feeling came over me. The Spirit testified that this kind, wonderful man was a true prophet of our Father in Heaven.

I now look forward to watching each general conference with my family. It makes me happy to see the beautiful building, and it is fun to try to locate the seats where we sat. It is good to remember how I felt when I saw the prophet.

Taylor Osborne, age 11
Meridian, Idaho