Cookies for Firefighters

    “Cookies for Firefighters,” Friend, Oct. 2003, 45

    Cookies for Firefighters

    When the Hayman forest fire raged through the mountains near our home, our ward became very active in trying to help the firefighters. Our son David, who is known for his baking skills, was asked to make some cookies for the firefighters that evening. He was told how the firefighters work hard all day long in the heat and smoke, and that many of them were far away from home and didn’t have a nice meal waiting for them when they got off duty. Some homemade cookies would certainly cheer them up. David made over 200 cookies that day, and for several days afterward he arranged with other ward members to bring cookies for the firefighters each day. Although the fire canceled his summer camping plans, David felt great satisfaction in serving others.

    David Daley, age 11, is a member of the Colorado Springs 15th Ward, Colorado Springs Colorado East Stake.