“Childviews,” Friend, Oct. 2003, inside front cover



    One day while I was playing a computer game, I felt that I should stop and go upstairs. It was a small whispered feeling, but it was strong. I went upstairs right away. Our living room was on fire!

    I ran to my mom, yelling, “Come quick! There’s a fire!”

    My mother told my cousin and me to go outside to safety. My older brother called 911. I could see that the flames were almost to the ceiling, but my mom was able to put the fire out just before the firefighters arrived. Mom says that if I hadn’t come when I did, the fire would have gotten bigger and might have burned our house down, or worse, hurt someone. I told her about the feeling.

    When I first came upstairs and saw the fire, I was a little bit afraid, but then I felt that still small voice tell me that I just needed to get my mom. I know that the Holy Ghost helped our family that day and helped me to know what to do.
    Reed Mergens, age 8
    Freeland, Washington

    Favorite Pictures

    Hi, my name is Amanda. I love to read the Friend. It’s full of great stories and experiences that children have. The stories inspire me and fill me with Heavenly Father’s Spirit. My favorite thing to do is to look at the pictures and find my favorites.
    Amanda Van Orden, age 9
    Fort Collins, Colorado

    Scripture Prayer

    When I was eight years old, I had a very hard time understanding the scriptures. I tried to be more focused, but it didn’t help. The scriptures had become a big cluster of words that did not mean anything. I began to doubt that the scriptures were true. I made it a goal to understand the scriptures, and I prayed about it. When I started to read again, they made sense. I know that the Lord helped me understand them. If you believe, anything is possible.
    Allyson Austin, age 9
    Tallahassee, Florida

    Recipes, Please

    What happened to all the food recipes? I really miss them. They used to be one of my favorite parts of the Friend. One of my biggest memories of when I was little was making those recipes together as a family. So would you please put them back in? Thank you so much.
    Nycole Guthrie, age 15
    West Jordan, Utah

    Illustrated by Brad Teare