Missions to Europe

    “Missions to Europe,” Friend, Oct. 2003, 42–43

    Missions to Europe

    Ensign, March 1987, 38–39.

    John Taylor
    Events in the life of John Taylor

    Illustrated by Mike Eagle

    Elder John Taylor served three missions to Europe. The first two were to Great Britain; the third was to France and Germany. While serving, he saw many people join the Church, and he witnessed many miracles.

    In Liverpool, Elder Taylor went to visit a new member, James McGuffy, who had invited Thomas Tate, a friend from Ireland, to his home.

    Elder Taylor, Brother McGuffy, and Mr. Tate discussed the gospel for a long time.

    John: God has chosen a prophet on the earth today.

    Tate: This is very interesting.

    Just before he left, Elder Taylor made a prophecy that startled him.

    John: Mr. Tate, you will be the first man baptized into the Church in Ireland.

    John: Now, why did I say that? There aren’t any missionaries in Ireland, and we aren’t planning to go there!

    A month later, Elder Taylor agreed to go with Brother McGuffy to Ireland to teach his friends and relatives. However, after several nights of teaching the gospel, no one wanted to be baptized.

    John: The Lord’s restored gospel is on the earth today.

    John: The Book of Mormon teaches us more about God’s plan.

    They visited the farm of Mr. Tate, whom Elder Taylor had met in Liverpool. As they were walking, Elder Taylor taught the plan of salvation.

    As they came to the top of a hill, they saw Loch (Lake) Brickland in front of them. Mr. Tate quoted from Acts 8:36 in the Bible.

    Tate: “Here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized?”

    Elder Taylor and Mr. Tate waded into the lake, and Elder Taylor baptized Mr. Tate, thus fulfilling Elder Taylor’s prophecy in Liverpool that Mr. Tate would be the first person to be baptized in Ireland.