Sharing Time: Do What Is Right
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“Sharing Time: Do What Is Right,” Friend, Sept. 2003, 17

Sharing Time:

Do What Is Right

Thou shalt do that which is right … in the sight of the Lord (Deut. 6:18).

How do you remember to choose the right? Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles tells a story about a young boy and his friends who found a package of cigarettes: “They decided to go down on the cliff alongside some large boulders and smoke. … They lit up, and the young man said that as he was looking down at the smoldering cigarette that he held between his fingers, he saw his CTR ring. He quickly put the cigarette out. … He chose to choose the right, as he remembered what the emblem stood for” (Ensign, Nov. 1993, 66).

Sometimes we find ourselves in the same type of situation. We must choose what to do. Fortunately, we can listen to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.

More than 30 years ago, Primary leaders thought of a way to help children remember to choose what is right so the Spirit could be with them. A ring shaped like a shield with the letters CTR on it reminded the children to make right choices. Children today are also reminded to choose the right when they see this symbol.

Great blessings come when we listen to the Holy Ghost and do what is right. Elder Perry said, “I promise you that you will receive everlasting happiness if you consistently choose to do what is right” (Ensign, Nov. 1993, 68).

CTR Rings

To make a CTR ring, cut out the rectangular piece of paper on page 16 and fold it on the broken line. Form a circle that fits your finger, and glue the ends together. Color the CTR shields, and cut out the one in your language and glue it to your ring. Then match each translation of the words Choose the Right to the correct language (see answers below).

Choose the Right

Choose the Right

1. English

a. Choisis le bien

2. Danish

b. Piliin ang Tama

3. Dutch

c. Filifili Mea Tonu

4. French

d. Kies de goede weg

5. German


Korean characters

6. Italian

f. Velg det rette

7. Russian

g. Conserve a Tua Rota

8. Ukrainian

h. Choose the Right

9. Japanese

i. Wähle das Rechte

10. Tagalog

j. Vælg det rette

11. Tongan

k. Fili ki he Totonú

12. Finnish


Japanese characters

13. Spanish

m. Haz lo justo

14. Norwegian

n. Scegli il giusto

15. Korean


Chinese characters

16. Swedish

p. Välj det rätta

17. Samoan


Russian characters

18. Portuguese


Ukrainian characters

19. Chinese

s. Valitse oikein


Sharing Time Ideas

(Note: All songs are from Children’s Songbook unless otherwise indicated; GAK = Gospel Art Kit; TNGC = Teaching, No Greater Call)

1. To help the children understand how the Holy Ghost can help them, write and post the following wordstrips: ABIDE WITH YOU, TEACH YOU ALL THINGS, GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH, WITNESS TO YOU, SHOW YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD DO, BEAR RECORD OF THE FATHER AND JESUS CHRIST, and HELP YOU KNOW THE TRUTH OF ALL THINGS. Have the children locate and read aloud these scriptures: John 14:16–17; John 14:26; John 16:13; Heb. 10:15; 2 Ne. 32:5; 3 Ne. 28:11; Moro. 10:5. Ask them to match the scripture with the wordstrip describing how the Holy Ghost can help them. Write the scripture on the wordstrip. Have one child leave the room and another child hide the wordstrip. Sing a song about choosing the right, and have the first child return and locate the wordstrip by the others singing more loudly as he or she gets closer to, and more softly as he or she gets farther from, the wordstrip. Repeat the process with the other wordstrips and references. Read 1 Cor. 3:16–17. Challenge the children to choose the right and keep their bodies clean so they will be worthy to have the influence of the Holy Ghost. Share an experience of how the Holy Ghost has helped you, and invite the children to share personal experiences of being guided by Him.

2. Review My Gospel Standards (see Faith in God guidebook) by dividing the Primary into groups and having each group choose one of the standards, write it on a piece of paper, and then think of a case study for it (see TNGC, 161–62). Place the papers facedown on the floor. Have the children take turns choosing a standard by tossing a beanbag or other small marker onto the papers. Have the appropriate group present the case study for that standard and invite the other children to discuss the best way to live it. Sing songs about choosing the right.

3. Sing “The Holy Ghost” (p. 105) to review principles about the Holy Ghost. Discuss John 14:26. Ask, “Why is the Holy Ghost called a Comforter?”

To remind us of the security and peace the Holy Ghost can bring us, have the children create a paper-quilt reminder for the Primary room. Give each child a square piece of paper marked into four squares and provide crayons. Suggest that they use a different color to decorate each square.

Have them write their names in the upper right square and then decorate it. In the lower right square, have them draw pictures of something they can do to choose the right (pay tithing, read scriptures, obey the Word of Wisdom, and so on). In the lower left square, have them write “CTR” or “Choose the Right” and decorate the square with shields or geometric shapes.

Before the children decorate the upper left square, have them read scriptures to review ways the influence of the Holy Ghost can be felt (D&C 11:13 / “enlighten your mind”; D&C 88:3 / “abide in your hearts”; 1 Ne. 17:45 / speak “in a still small voice”). Then, in that final square, have the children show how they will try to be more aware of the influence of the Holy Ghost by drawing a picture of their head, a heart, or an ear.

Now have the children wad their papers into balls (to give the paper a fabric texture), then unwad and smooth them out. Gather the papers and tape them together to form a Primary patchwork paper quilt. Post it in the Primary room. Bear testimony that the Holy Ghost can help everyone who is worthy. As children listen to and obey His promptings, they can continue to receive His guidance. Sing “The Still Small Voice” (pp. 106–7).

4. Song presentation: To review songs from the children’s sacrament meeting presentation (CSMP)—and other favorite songs—use a game that gives answers for which the children must respond with a question. Before sharing time, write category titles across the top of the chalkboard, with four or five answers below each topic (see below). Cover the answers with pieces of paper with ascending numbers on each.

Divide the children into groups. Have the groups take turns choosing a category and number. A child from a group responds to the chosen answer with the correct question for it. For example, the answer for number 100 under the title “It’s on the Program” is “This song is the theme for this year’s program,” and the correct response is “What is ‘The Church of Jesus Christ’?” Then all sing the song.

In addition to the CSMP songs, choose songs that are favorites with your Primary children. The following categories and answers are given only as examples. Do not include the parenthetical information on the chalkboard; it should be given to the pianist.

It’s on the Program

100 This song is the theme for this year’s program. (“The Church of Jesus Christ,” p. 77)

200 This song teaches us the plan of salvation. (“I Lived in Heaven,” p. 4)

300 This song helps us remember to CTR. (“Choose the Right Way,” pp. 160–61)

400 This song reminds us that the Savior appeared on the American continent. (“Easter Hosanna,” pp. 68–69)

Who Is That, Anyway?

100 This person is a child of God. (“I Am a Child of God,” pp. 2–3)

200 These people can be together forever. (“Families Can Be Together Forever,” p. 188)

300 He built his house upon the sand. (“The Wise Man and the Foolish Man,” p. 281)

400 I can take this person to church with me, where I will act with dignity. (“The Things I Do,” pp. 170–71)

The Word Is Follow

100 If we follow this person, we won’t go astray. (“Follow the Prophet,” pp. 110–11)

200 “Lord, I would follow _____.” (“Lord, I Would Follow Thee,” (Hymns, no. 220)

300 “Follow, follow me! If I do it _____ or low …” (“Do As I’m Doing,” p. 276)

400 “I will follow God’s _____ for me.” (“I Will Follow God’s Plan,” pp. 164–65)

Picture That Song

(Note: The answers for this category are visual aids used during the year to teach specific songs.)

100 Smiling/frowning face (“Smiles,” p. 267)

200 Outline of a meetinghouse (“The Church of Jesus Christ,” p. 77)

300 Picture of a temple (“I Love to See the Temple,” p. 95)

400 Line drawing of a seed growing in the sun (“On a Golden Springtime,” p. 88)

5. Additional Friend resources: Sharing Times—Aug. 2000, 13–15; June 2000, 43–45; July 1997, 36–38; Feb. 1997, 8–9, 43. Ensign resources: “Becoming Men in Whom the Spirit of God Is,” May 2002, 39–41; “True Friends,” May 2002, 26–29; “Setting Family Standards for Entertainment,” June 2001, 26–29.

  • 1h, 2j, 3d, 4a, 5i, 6n, 7q, 8r, 9l, 10b, 11k, 12s, 13m, 14f, 15e, 16p, 17c, 18g, 19o