Who Does What?

“Who Does What?” Friend, Sept. 2003, 48

Who Does What?

Can you match each “fancy” name with its more common term? Use a dictionary if you need help.

None of these people are mentioned by their fancy names in the scriptures. Can you find the two who are mentioned by their common names? (Hint: Use the Topical Guide in the Bible and the Index in the Book of Mormon.)

1. Philatelist

a. Gardener

2. Apiarist

b. Clockmaker

3. Horologist

c. One who copies things professionally

4. Numismatist

d. Magician

5. Calligrapher

e. One who studies birds

6. Thaumaturgist

f. Coin collector

7. Funambulist

g. Mapmaker

8. Equestrian

h. One who studies butterflies and moths

9. Horticulturist

i. Tightrope walker

10. Stenographer

j. Bell ringer

11. Ornithologist

k. One who rides horses

12. Cartographer

l. Stamp collector

13. Lepidopterist

m. Beekeeper

14. Campanologist

n. Shorthand writer