Drugs Are Bad for You!

“Drugs Are Bad for You!” Friend, Sept. 2003, 45

“Drugs Are Bad for You!”

On a warm summer evening, my son Paul was playing with friends near our home. Nearby was a group of teenagers. One of the teenagers started smoking something bad. She called to Paul, “Hey, do you want to try this?”

Paul remembered what he had learned at school and Primary and from his parents. He looked right into the girl’s eyes and said, “No! Drugs are bad for you!”

The girl took the drug out of her mouth, threw it on the ground, and crushed it with her shoe.

Later, Paul curled up on my lap and told me about it. I am grateful that Paul has been taught that drugs are bad for the body and that he had the courage to try to be like Jesus Christ and obey His commandments.

Paul Kimball, age 6, is a member of River Oaks Fourth Ward, River Oaks Utah Stake.