All Over the World: A Matching Game

“All Over the World: A Matching Game,” Friend, Sept. 2003, 24–25

All Over the World:
A Matching Game

map of the world, left page
map of the world, right page

Illustrated by Scott GreerTonga United States Bolivia France Nigeria Madagascar India Korea

Did you know that children who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints live in more than 100 countries? Read the clues; then match each child to the country on the map where he or she lives.

  1. Bonjour! My name is Laurence. I live in a beautiful town near a very big city known for its beautiful art and architecture. In my country many families have one or two children, so my family of nine people really stands out! Some members from my country travel to the temple in Frankfurt, Germany, and others go to The Hague Netherlands Temple.

  2. My name is María. I live in a village high in the Andes Mountains. The language I speak at home is called Aymara, and I also learn Spanish at school. My family usually eats potatoes for dinner, and I often help my mother by carrying water from the well. My country has a temple in a city called Cochabamba.

  3. My name is Lani. My home is on a beautiful island, and almost half the people in my country are members of the Church. My favorite food is made of meat and coconut milk, wrapped in taro and banana leaves. The closest temple is in our capital city of Nuku‘alofa.

  4. My name is Isaac. I live in a village surrounded by a beautiful green forest of banana trees, palm trees, ferns, and bamboo. I was baptized in a river. The first missionaries came to my country in 1978, and now a temple is being built in the city of Aba!

  5. My name is Sarah. I live in the small town of Nauvoo, Illinois, on the edge of a big river. The Prophet Joseph Smith and early Church members lived in this city in the 1840s. The beautiful temple they built here was later destroyed and has recently been rebuilt.

  6. My name is Neil. About a billion people live in my country, and many of them practice a religion called Hinduism. The huge city I live in, New Delhi, has two branches of the Church. My mother and father and I traveled to the Hong Kong China Temple to be sealed together.

  7. My name is Norberto. I speak two languages—French at school and Malagasy at home. My country, which is a big island, is home to many interesting animals, including lemurs. When my family traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, to be sealed in the temple, my parents sold our house to help pay for the trip.

  8. My name is Young-Jin. I live in a city near the Sea of Japan, and I love to play on the beach. I go to school six days a week, and when I come home, I always remember to take off my shoes at the door. My favorite holidays are Children’s Day and New Year. I love to see the temple when I visit the city of Seoul.