Things That Go

“Things That Go,” Friend, Aug. 2003, 21

Things That Go

My plane flies through the clear blue sky.

(Hold arms out like an airplane.)

It’s fun to soar so very high!

My car is shiny, bright, and red.

(Pretend to drive a car.)

I stop for gas, then go ahead.

(Pump gas. Drive again.)

It’s time, when it is cold outside,


To put my ice skates on and glide.

(Pretend to ice skate.)

I like to paddle my canoe

(Sit and pretend to paddle a canoe.)

‘Cause I’m the captain and the crew.


I’m an engineer today.

The whistle blows; we’re on our way!

(Pretend to pull.)

Whether they move fast or slow,

I like the things that go, go, go!

(Run around.)

Illustrated by Julie F. Young