Peter Brings Tabitha Back to Life

“Peter Brings Tabitha Back to Life,” Friend, Aug. 2003, 12

Peter Brings Tabitha Back to Life

Chapter 58

Tabitha lived in Joppa

A good woman named Tabitha lived in the city of Joppa. She was a follower of Jesus Christ. She helped many people and did many good things. Acts 9:36

She died

One day she became sick and died. Acts 9:37

Peter comes

Her friends sent for Peter to come. He asked Tabitha’s friends to leave the room. Acts 9:38–40

Peter healed her

He knelt and prayed, then told her to stand up. She opened her eyes, saw Peter, then sat up. Acts 9:40

Many believed in Jesus

Peter helped her stand. Then her friends came back into the room and saw her alive. Peter had used the power and authority of the priesthood given to him by Jesus to perform the miracle of bringing Tabitha back to life. Many people in Joppa believed in Jesus Christ after they learned what had happened to Tabitha. Acts 9:41–42

Illustrated by Robert T. Barrett