“Childviews,” Friend, Aug. 2003, inside front cover


My Prayer Goal

Last year, I decided to make a goal of saying my prayers every night. For a couple of nights, it was hard to remember to do it. Then I decided that I needed help to remember to say my prayers. So I prayed to Heavenly Father and told Him about my goal. I asked if He would help me remember to do it each night. And it worked! If I forgot and got into bed without praying, I felt like something was wrong or something was missing. The Holy Ghost helped me every night to reach my goal. My mom and dad were surprised and happy to find out about what I had accomplished. We had a family home evening about goals, and now everyone in my family is working on something!
Jackson Barney, age 9
Orem, Utah

I Am Taught the Gospel

A girl in my class at school said that she had to follow her family and get her belly button pierced. A boy in my class said that he was going to get his ear, nose, and tongue pierced. I know the prophet told us not to do things like that. My mom said that I am blessed because I am taught the gospel. I think so, too.
Emma Allen, age 8
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Baby Sister

I prayed for two years for a baby sister. I was the only child in my family. One morning, Mom had to go to the hospital because of pains in her side. Later that day, when we went to pick her up, she handed us a picture. She was going to have a baby. I was so excited that I screamed with happiness. My daddy cried, and Mom hugged us.

My mom was sure that the baby would be a boy, but when she had another ultrasound, the lady at the hospital said, “It’s a girl.” My mom was shocked. I wasn’t. Heavenly Father told me through the Holy Ghost that I would have a sister. I love my sister.

I have a lot of faith. I know Heavenly Father hears my prayers.
Mariah Hamilton, age 7
Cross City, Florida

Mariah Hamilton with her baby sister, Lydie

Illustrated by Brad Teare