Katie’s Peaches

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“Katie’s Peaches,” Friend, Aug. 2003, 18

Katie’s Peaches

A true story

And he gathered up all the food of the seven years, which were in the land of Egypt, and laid up the food in the cities (Gen. 41:48).

Six-year-old Katie loves peaches. But she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it is too hot for peaches to grow well. Luckily she has a neighbor named Daun who knows a lot about growing fruits and vegetables. He and his wife, Alice, have a peach tree that grows big, beautiful, very tasty peaches.

One day Alice came over with a big bag full of peaches. “Would you like some peaches?” she asked. “This year we seem to have more than usual.”

Katie’s mom thanked her and took the peaches into the kitchen. She washed them and put them into the refrigerator.

Later that week, while Katie was at a friend’s house, Mom bottled all of the peaches in big glass jars for their food storage. When Katie got home, she cried, “What did you do to my peaches? Now I don’t have any to eat.”

“I’m sorry,” Mom said. “The next time Alice brings over peaches, I’ll be sure to save you some.”

A few days later, Alice brought more peaches. Katie helped Mom wash them. Then she watched Mom put most of them in boiling water. After they were dipped in cold water, Katie cut them in half with a butter knife. She couldn’t help tasting a piece. She kept tasting pieces until she got full. “Mommy, why are we putting my big, beautiful peaches into these glass jars?” she asked.

Her mother explained that they were for food storage. “We are going to do what Joseph in Egypt did.” Katie wanted to hear about Joseph, so while they bottled the peaches, Mom told her the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. She told Katie about how his brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt, where he became a friend of Pharaoh. She explained that Joseph told Pharaoh to store food during the seven years when there was lots of it. Then they could eat it during the seven years when there would be very little food for them.

“The prophet has asked us to store food while we can, because we may need it later,” she said. Katie wanted to follow the prophet, so she decided that putting the peaches in bottles was a good idea. She had learned a lot more than how to bottle fruit.

Katie didn’t want to wait for a famine, though. She was glad that they had saved some of the big, beautiful, very tasty peaches for her to eat right away.