Better than an Amusement Park

“Better than an Amusement Park,” Friend, July 2003, 44

Better than an Amusement Park

Our family arrived in Orlando, Florida, late one Friday night. We were going to go to the big amusement park there. It has so many places to visit and rides to ride and things to do and see! But even though our passes included Sunday, we decided to keep the Sabbath Day holy and not use the passes that day. We didn’t visit any of the other nearby theme parks, either. Instead, we decided to visit the temple. Our dad and mom looked it up on a map, and we searched until we found it. We were excited as we spotted it in the distance. The closer we got, the more beautiful it was. We felt good inside to be near a house of the Lord, and we felt an even greater warmth because we had followed the teachings of our Savior and His prophets by keeping the Sabbath Day holy. The blessings we receive by choosing the right are much better than any fun at an amusement park.

Brianne, Christopher, Amberly, and Jessica Jackson, ages 5, 9, 3, and 7, are members of Crystal Lake First Ward, Buffalo Grove Illinois Stake. They are pictured in front of the Orlando Florida Temple.