“Childviews,” Friend, July 2003, inside front cover



When I was in kindergarten, my parents and I went to the school book fair. They bought me some stickers. When we went home, we found we had accidentally taken two sheets of stickers, instead of just the one we had paid for.

The next day, my teacher gave me permission to return one sheet. The book fair was gone, but the library assistant thanked me for being honest.
Emma M. Wilde, age 8
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Protecting Me

One Sunday before church, I took my dog, Cesar, for a walk. We were approached by two dogs. At first, I thought they were wanting to play, but then they attacked us. Cesar was getting all the bites because he was protecting me. I screamed at the top of my lungs. When my parents came running outside, Dad rushed to our side and chased the dogs away. Cesar wasn’t badly hurt, thank goodness. Later, Mom told me that God protected both Cesar and me. I knew that that was true because I felt it inside. Cesar and Dad and Heavenly Father are my heroes, but I hope it never happens again.
Matthew Salisbury, age 10
Auburn, New York

Knowing about Jesus

One day, my family was driving home from the lake. I went with my Grandma Ninya. Grammy was visiting. My little cousin Tori and I were in the backseat. Tori was tired. I whispered, “You can go to sleep, baby,” and she said, “Sing me Jesus.” I asked her, “Sing Church songs?” She said yes. So I sang “I Love to See the Temple.” Then I sang “Do As I’m Doing” and “I Am a Child of God.” She fell asleep. As I sang, I felt something inside of me. I felt the Holy Ghost. I am glad my cousin knows about Jesus and honors Him.
Hillary Odom, age 10
Ogden, Utah

Illustrated by Apryl Stott