Printing the Voice of the Church

“Printing the Voice of the Church,” Friend, July 2003, 40–41

Printing the Voice of the Church

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John Taylor
Events in the life of John Taylor

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

Because of his public speaking and writing ability, John Taylor published and edited several newspapers and pamphlets for the Church. He was nicknamed “Champion of Liberty” for his boldness and logic in defending his faith.

He was called by President Joseph Smith to edit and publish Nauvoo’s newspaper Times and Seasons and later the Nauvoo Neighbor. He went right to work.

Joseph Smith: Brother Taylor, I have a special assignment for you—to be editor of the Times and Seasons.

While he was a missionary in England, many preachers spoke against the Church and had their talks printed in newspapers and pamphlets. Elder Taylor wrote several tracts (religious pamphlets) to help people understand the truth of the Church.

John: Now people can know the truth about the Church.

After Brigham Young had been called as President of the Church, John Taylor received a call to go to New York to organize and publish a newspaper. This newspaper, the Mormon, was to inform people about the Church.

Brigham Young: Brother Taylor, we need you to go to New York and publish a newspaper to help people understand us.

Elder Taylor, his oldest son, George, and his nephew, Angus Cannon, set up the Mormon office between two New York City newspapers, the Herald and the Tribune.

John: Here we are, in the middle of two great newspapers.

When Elder John Taylor returned to Europe on a mission, he published the Book of Mormon and other Church writings in both French and German.

John: Now more people can read the gospel in their own language.

Because of his gift and talent of communication and his diligence, he was able to help many people understand the truth of the Church.