I Am the Light

    “I Am the Light,” Friend, Dec. 2002, 24–25

    I Am the Light

    For instructions, see page 24.

    Jesus Christ has many names and titles. One of them is the “light of the world.” He taught, “I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” (John 8:12).

    At Christmastime, we celebrate His birth. Twinkling Christmas lights draped around the Christmas tree symbolize the light He gives. And a star placed on the tallest branch reminds us of the sign that appeared in the heavens on that sacred night. Even before the electric light was invented, people decorated their Christmas trees with brightly burning candles to remind them of the Savior. As you count down the days until Christmas, remember the light that He brings into your life.

    Instructions: Remove pages 24–25 and mount on heavier paper if you wish. Trim. On page 27 are 23 candles and a star to decorate your tree. Some of Jesus Christ’s titles are written on the candles and the star. Starting on December 1, read the scripture for that day, find the candle with the title mentioned in that scripture, cut it out, then glue it in place. On Christmas Eve, read the scripture reference on the top of the tree, then glue on the star.

    advent calendar

    Illustrated by Thomas S. Child

    “I Am the Light of the World”
    1 December1 Tim. 2:5
    2 December 2 Ne. 9:5
    3 December John 10:14–15, 17
    4 December Bible Dictionary—Anointed One
    5 December John 1:heading, 1–3
    6 December 2 Ne. 10:7, 14
    7 December D&C 110:2–3
    8 December John 6:35
    9 December Mal. 3:1
    10 December 2 Ne. 25:29
    11 December D&C 29:5
    12 December Eph. 2:19–20
    13 DecemberJohn 1:29
    14 December Bible Dictionary—Comforter
    15 December D&C 31:13
    16 December John 3:16
    17 December 2 Ne. 25:19
    18 December Rev. 22:21
    19 December D&C 43:34
    20 December 1 Pet. 2:21
    21 December Matt 9:6, heading
    22 December Acts 10:38, 42
    23 December D&C 93:21
    24 December John 8:12

    I Am the Light Cutouts

    Christmas tree

    Illustrated by Thomas S. Child

    Light of the World
    Anointed One
    Bread of Life
    Comforter (Second Comforter)
    Exemplar (Example)
    Good Shepherd
    Holy One of Israel
    King of Heaven
    Lamb of God
    Messenger of the Covenant
    Only Begotten Son
    Son of Man