Paper Plate Snowman
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“Paper Plate Snowman,” Friend, Dec. 2002, 32

Paper Plate Snowman

You will need: glue, two paper plates of different sizes, a black marker, scissors, construction paper or cloth, buttons, and two twigs.

Glue the smaller plate to the larger one, bottoms up (see illustration).

Draw coal-chunk eyes and a smile on the small plate. Cut a vest out of construction paper or cloth, and glue it to the large plate. Glue buttons to the vest. Glue the twigs to the large plate as arms. Cut out a hat, and glue it to Mr. Snowman’s head. Add a cloth scarf around Mr. Snowman’s neck, if you wish. If you want a snow missionary, just glue the buttons and a paper name tag to Mr. Snowman’s paper-plate white shirt, and a paper Book of Mormon to one of his “hands.”