Fathers in the Scriptures

“Fathers in the Scriptures,” Friend, June 2002, 42

Fathers in the Scriptures

There are many fathers in the scriptures. To learn about some of them, read each clue, match it with one of the names listed, and write the letter on the blank. To check your answer, look up the scripture. Then read the letters you have written from top to bottom to discover _______________ Father, a very special father.

___ 1. This father saved his family from the flood by obeying the Lord’s commandment to build an ark. (See Gen. 6:12–22; Gen. 8:1, 18–19.)

n. Abraham

___ 2. A rich man who left all his possessions behind when the Lord told him to take his family and flee into the wilderness. (See 1 Ne. 2:1–5.)

a. Adam

___ 3. This man and his wife are the earthly parents of the whole human family. (See Gen. 3:20.)

e. Alma

___ 4. This father listened to and believed his son when he said that he had seen an angel. (See JS—H 1:3, 50.)

y. Jairus

___ 5. Because of this father’s prayers, his rebellious son was visited by an angel. The son and his friends repented and became great missionaries. (See Mosiah 27:8–17, 32, 36.)

v. Joseph Smith, Sr.

___ 6. He was told to sacrifice his only son on an altar. At the last moment, an angel stopped him from doing it. (See Gen. 22:1–13.)

e. Lehi

___ 7. Because this man didn’t believe it when an angel told him that his elderly wife would have a baby, he was unable to speak until the child was born. (See Luke 1:5–20, 57–64.)

h. Noah

___ 8. When this ruler of the synagogue begged Jesus to save his twelve-year-old daughter, the Savior raised her from the dead. (See Luke 8:41–42, 49–55.)

l. Zacharias