The Good Shepherd

    “The Good Shepherd,” Friend, June 2002, 14

    The Good Shepherd

    Chapter 39

    The good shepherd

    Jesus called himself the good shepherd. A shepherd takes care of sheep. He helps them find food and water and does not let them get hurt or lost. He knows them and loves them and would give his life to save them. John 10:11–15

    Jesus is like a shepherd to us

    Jesus is like a shepherd to us. He loves us. He helps us learn the truth. He shows us how to live so that we can return to Heavenly Father. Jesus called us His sheep. He gave His life for us. John 10:11–15

    Jesus has other sheep

    The Savior told the people in Jerusalem that He had other sheep. The people there did not know what He meant. Jesus meant that He had disciples, or followers, in the Americas, too. He said that He would visit them. John 10:16; 3 Ne. 15:21

    Other sheep lived in America

    After Jesus was resurrected, He visited His people in the Americas. The Book of Mormon tells about His visit there. He stayed many days, healing the sick and blessing all the people. He gave them the priesthood and started His Church there. He taught them the same things He had taught the people in Jerusalem. Then He went back to Heavenly Father. 3 Ne. 11–28

    Illustrated by Paul Mann