Russian Party
April 2002

“Russian Party,” Friend, Apr. 2002, 35

“Russian Party”

In my fifth-grade class, we started studying Russia. We planned a “Russian Party.” There was mostly Russian food, and we had a quiz.

When the Russian party was about to begin, I put the potatoes and vinegar I’d brought on the table. We all went to our seats. When our teacher called our names, we went up and got a little bit of everything from our teacher, who was standing behind the table.

Before we started eating, she asked everyone who had made something to tell the class what it was. It turned out that the drink was a Russian tea.

When I ate everything on my plate except the tea, my friends who aren’t members of the Church asked me why I didn’t drink it. When I told them about the Word of Wisdom, they understood. So, when our teacher came around to see that we all tasted everything, my friends and I told her that I didn’t want to drink the tea.

I didn’t have to drink it. I’m glad that I can try to set an example to be like Jesus Christ.