His Mother Saves His Life
April 2002

“His Mother Saves His Life,” Friend, Apr. 2002, 44–45

His Mother Saves His Life

See The Lord Needed a Prophet, by Susan Arrington Madsen, pages 173–174

His Mother Saves His Life, left page
His Mother Saves His Life, right page

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

One night, Harold B. Lee became dangerously ill with pneumonia.

Harold: Mother, I can hardly breathe.

Mother: I’ll be right back. You’re going to be OK.

Harold’s mother sliced juicy onions into a flour sack, put the wet sack on his chest, and prayed for a miracle.

The next morning he could breathe again. Soon he recovered completely.

Harold: You always know what to do. You saved my life!

Mother: The Lord saved your life. He just expected me to do everything I could to help.

Another time, Harold was standing in the open doorway, watching a thunderstorm outside.

Suddenly his mother shoved him away from the door.

Mother: Move, Harold!

Harold: Ouch!

Seconds later, a bolt of lightning came down the chimney of the kitchen stove. It shot out the front door and split a tree trunk outside!

He was thankful his mother listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Several times she protected the life of the boy who would become the eleventh President of the Church.