The City of Enoch
April 2002

“The City of Enoch,” Friend, Apr. 2002, 41

The City of Enoch

Enoch and all who lived in Zion, his city, were so righteous that Heavenly Father took the whole city up into heaven.* In the last days, the city and its people will return to earth and be part of the New Jerusalem. To help you remember that these great events are coming, you will need: heavy paper, glue, scissors, a sharpened pencil, and string.

  1. Remove this page and glue it to heavy paper. When the glue is dry, trim the page along the heavy solid lines. Cut out the city on the broken lines.

  2. Using the pencil point, punch small holes through the circles at A, B, C, and D. Thread one end of the string into B, down the back of the city, and out C. Then thread one end of the string through A, the other end through D, and tie the two ends together behind the page.

    Each time you tell the story of the city of Enoch, slide the city up the string to heaven and then back down the string to Earth again.

city of Enoch

Illustrated by Julie F. Young