President Lorenzo Snow Crossword
March 2002

“President Lorenzo Snow Crossword,” Friend, Mar. 2002, 23

President Lorenzo Snow Crossword

You can learn about President Lorenzo Snow, the fifth President of the Church, by doing this crossword puzzle. Read the clues, then fill in the puzzle by choosing the correct answer from the list.

President Lorenzo Snow


Emigration Fund



Dramatic Association




Eliza R. Snow


Queen Victoria


  1. While on a mission to this country, Elder Snow helped with the translation of the Book of Mormon into Italian.

  2. He promised the Saints that if they would pay this, the Lord would send the rain they needed for their crops. The Saints paid, and the rain came.

  3. His sister ______________________ became the second general president of the Relief Society.

  4. While he led the people of Brigham City, he started public schools and this, to help the Saints learn great books and plays.

  5. He wrote as a couplet (two lines of verse) a revelation that he had and that the Prophet Joseph Smith said was true:
    As man ____ is, God once was:
    As God now is, man may be.

  6. Like the Prophet Joseph, Elder Snow spent time in this place because he would not deny his belief in the Church’s teachings.


  1. Young Lorenzo loved school but could only attend during __________ months, when he was not helping on his family’s farm.

  2. Once the Saints reached the Salt Lake Valley, he helped to build the Perpetual _______________________, which gave other Saints the opportunity to move west.

  3. While serving a mission in England, he presented a copy of the Book of Mormon to this important leader.

  4. He traveled to Kirtland, Ohio, not because he wanted to learn about the Church, but because he wanted to learn this language, which a professor was teaching to Church leaders there. Soon after his arrival, Lorenzo was baptized.

  5. President Lorenzo Snow died October 10, 1901, at the age of eighty-seven. Over one thousand Primary ______________ honored him by throwing flowers in the path of his funeral procession.


  • Across—(2) Italy, (4) tithing, (7) Eliza R. Snow, (8) Dramatic Association, (10) now, (11) prison. Down—(1) winter, (3) Emigration Fund, (5) Queen Victoria, (6) Hebrew, (9) children.