My Creation Book
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“My Creation Book,” Friend, Mar. 2002, 38–39

My Creation Book

  1. Carefully remove page 39 from the magazine and mount it on heavy white paper.

  2. Cut out each strip along the solid black horizontal lines.

  3. Accordion-fold each strip on the broken lines, with the beginning page on the top (see illustration).

    Creation book
  4. With the title on the top, stack the strips in numbered order. Staple the pages of the book where indicated.

My Creation Book

Picture strips

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker

Under Heavenly Father’s direction, Jesus Christ created the heaven and the earth. On the first day, He made light. (See Gen. 1:1, 3, 5.)
On the second day, He made the sky (firmament). (See Gen. 1:6–8.)
On the third day, He made flowers, grass, and trees. (See Gen. 1:11–13.)
On the fourth day, He made the sun, moon, and stars. (See Gen. 1:16, 19.)
On the fifth day, He made birds, fish, and whales. (See Gen. 1:21, 23.)
On the sixth day, He made land animals … (See Gen. 1:25.)
… and man. (See Gen. 1:27, 31.)
On the seventh day, He rested. (See Gen. 2:2.)