An Answer to His Prayers

“An Answer to His Prayers,” Friend, Mar. 2002, 34–35

An Answer to His Prayers

See The Illustrated Story of President Harold B. Lee, by Lucile Reading, page 17

President Harold B. Lee
Events in the life of President Harold B. Lee

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

One stormy winter night, Harold was traveling home. By the time he and his horse reached the stream, it was getting late.

As they crossed the stream, his horse tripped. Harold flew over its head and landed in a freezing, muddy pond.

He lay in the cold slush.

Harold: Please, Heavenly Father, send help. I’m hurt and can’t move. It’s so dark and cold.

Soon he heard his father.

Father: Harold? Is that you?

Harold: I’m over here!

His father helped him out of the water and wrapped a warm blanket around him.

Harold: I’m so glad you came. How did you know that I needed help?

Father: The Spirit whispered to your mother that something was wrong, and I knew that she was right.

Harold: Thank you for coming.

Harold and his father remembered to thank Heavenly Father that night, too.

Harold: I thank thee, Heavenly Father, for telling my mother that I needed help, and for sending my father to rescue me.

Harold B. Lee’s testimony that Heavenly Father answers prayers helped him throughout his life. He prayed for divine help many times as he served in stake callings, as an Apostle, and as President of the Church.