“Childviews,” Friend, Oct. 2001, inside front cover


    Baptisms in the Temple

    Last year, when I was six, my whole family went to the Memphis Tennessee Temple open house. My favorite part was the baptismal font, and I was excited to learn that I could go there in six years and do baptisms for the dead.

    My favorite song before we went to the temple was “I Love to See the Temple.”* Then, about a week after we went there, Mom sang “When Jesus Christ Was Baptized” as a bedtime song, and it became my favorite song. After she sang the second verse, I asked her to sing the third verse. She said that there was no third verse. I said, “It needs a third verse—a verse about being baptized in the temple for our ancestors.”

    The next morning, our family went to visit a ward that was about an hour away. On the way there, Mom and Dad and I wrote this verse to add to the song, and we want to share it with you:

    And in the holy temple, we serve our kindred dead.

    Be baptized by immersion, as we stand in their stead.

    Then they will be members of Heavenly Father’s kingdom,

    And then be sealed together as one big family.

    Mom and Dad go to the temple often now, and when they come back, I always ask how many ancestors were sealed to their families. So far more than two hundred have been sealed in “our” temple. I am thankful that Heavenly Father has given us a prophet to lead and guide us today and that President Hinckley had a vision of so many temples. Now I only have five years to wait before I can go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead!

    Sarah Denning, age 7
    Conway, Arkansas

    Trouble Sleeping

    When I was real little, my family and I lived in Aleppo, Syria. I had trouble sleeping. I took my dolls and played with them on my bed. A couple of times, I took my markers and colored my sister’s face. I got in a lot of trouble for that. One night my dad came in my bedroom and brought some consecrated oil. He gave me a blessing, and since then—as far as I can remember—I haven’t had any trouble sleeping.

    Ashley Miller, age 10
    Yona, Guam

    Mean Cartoons

    When I was watching Saturday morning cartoons at my friend’s house, one of them showed mean things being done. I said, “Mommy told me to not watch mean cartoons.” My friend turned off the TV, and we played games, instead. I felt good inside.

    Frederick Goff, age 4
    Lindon, Utah

    Sarah Denning, age 7, with her brothers Samuel and Joseph