From Latter-day Prophets: Harold B. Lee

    “From Latter-day Prophets: Harold B. Lee,” Friend, Oct. 2001, 17

    From Latter-day Prophets:
    Harold B. Lee

    Await patiently and diligently for further instructions at my general conference, saith the Lord (D&C 124:88).

    President Harold B. Lee

    The eleventh President of the Church, President Harold B. Lee, explained that the messages we hear in general conference tell us what Heavenly Father wants us to do. When President Lee was the prophet, general conference was longer than it is now—it lasted for three whole days!

    Now, you Latter-day Saints, I think you have never attended a conference where in these three days you have heard more inspired declarations on most every subject and problem about which you have been worrying. If you want to know what the Lord would have the Saints know and to have his guidance and direction for the next six months, get a copy of the proceedings of this conference, and you will have the latest word of the Lord as far as the Saints are concerned. … What has been said has been the mind of the Lord, the will of the Lord, and the voice of the Lord, and the power of God unto salvation (see D&C 68:4).
    (Ensign, January 1974, page 128.)

    television set

    Illustrated by Mark Robison

    Instructions: Cut out the TV, glue it onto heavy paper, and trim. Fold on the broken lines and form the TV. Glue each tab to the back edge of the corresponding top/side.