Spencer W. Kimball Attends Primary
September 2001

“Spencer W. Kimball Attends Primary,” Friend, Sept. 2001, 44–45

From the Lives of the Church Presidents

(Adapted from Spencer W. Kimball by Edward L. Kimball and Andrew E. Kimball, pages 37–38.)

Spencer W. Kimball Attends Primary

Spencer W. Kimball
Events in the life of Spencer W. Kimball

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

Spencer W. Kimball worked hard as a child. At haying time, he stood atop the hay wagon and tromped down the load as his older brothers, Gordon and Del, pitchforked more up to him.

Sometimes they teased him by throwing two huge forkfuls at almost the same time. The first would knock him down, and the second would bury him.

Spencer: Hey!

Gordon: You’re right. It is hay.

Spencer loved Primary, which was held on weekdays at that time. One hot Monday morning, he heard the bell that rang a half hour before Primary.

Spencer: I have to go to Primary.

His brothers thought that he was only trying to get out of work.

Gordon: You’re not going anywhere.

Spencer: If Pa were here, he’d let me go.

Del: Well, Pa is not here, and you’re not going.

They kept pitching hay up until a large pile formed. When Spencer didn’t appear to tromp the hay down, they became worried.

Gordon: What’s the matter with you up there?

Spencer didn’t answer. They looked off across the field and saw their little brother halfway to the meetinghouse, running as fast as he could.

All his life Spencer W. Kimball faithfully attended every meeting he was able to attend. As an Apostle and as President of the Church, he scheduled thousands of meetings with members, leaders, and missionaries all around the world and he announced many temples to be built. He worked from early morning to evening. Even among other hard-working General Authorities, he was known as an incredibly hard worker.

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