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“Childviews,” Friend, Sept. 2001, inside front cover


Lunch Break

When I was seven years old my family moved to Canada from Horsham, England. Choosing the right in England is the same as choosing the right in Canada. At school on my lunch break, sometimes I go to the corner store with friends. I see kids smoking, using bad language, and looking at inappropriate magazines. By learning to choose the right while I was in Primary, I’m still able to make good choices now by staying away from bad influences.

Daniel Brownlee, age 12
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Note: This article is reprinted from the June 2001 Friend. We accidentally printed the wrong picture there. This is the correct picture of Daniel Brownlee. We are sorry for the mistake.

A Good Experience

I follow the prophet by helping my mom. I clean my room without her asking me to. I do the dishes and help clean the house. I have a little brother who is eight months old, and sometimes I baby-sit him when my mom is at work. I feel good when I help my family, and so do they! It’s a good experience to follow the prophet.

Kelsie McInerney, age 9
Alzada, Montana

Broken Lamp

I was kicking a ball around in my sister’s room until it was time for family prayer at bedtime. The ball hit the wall and then knocked over the lamp on her dresser, and the light went out. I put the lamp back, but the light didn’t go on again. I was scared that it was broken for good, and I didn’t want to tell my mom. I did tell Mom, though, and she found out that all it needed was a new bulb, so I was glad. I learned that you should tell right away when you do something bad. If you don’t tell, you can get in big trouble.

Sam Yoder, age 7
Crete, Illinois

Funstuf Pages

Something I like about the Friend is the Funstuf pages, and I would like it if there were more.

Nathan Rae, age 12
Sumner, Washington

Illustrated by Brad Teare