A Woman Touches Jesus’ Clothes
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“A Woman Touches Jesus’ Clothes,” Friend, Sept. 2001, 13

A Woman Touches Jesus’ Clothes

Chapter 26

A sick woman

A woman who was very sick had been to many doctors. She had been sick for twelve years, but the doctors could not heal her. Mark 5:25–26

She touched Jesus’ clothes

One day she saw Jesus surrounded by many people. She had heard about Him and believed that she would be healed even if she could only touch His clothing. She reached out and touched the hem of His clothes. Mark 5:27–28

She was healed

She was healed immediately. Jesus turned around and asked, “Who touched my clothes?” Mark 5:29–30

Her faith had made her well

Afraid, the woman knelt by the Savior and admitted that she had touched Him. Jesus told her that her faith had made her well. Mark 5:33–34

Illustrated by Robert T. Barrett