Scary Choice

    “Scary Choice,” Friend, Jan. 2001, 45

    Scary Choice

    Give heed unto all [the prophet’s] words … ; For his word ye shall receive, as if from mine own mouth (D&C 21:4–5).

    I like scary movies. When a certain scary movie came out, I was really sad because it was the kind of movie that the prophet had said not to watch. I had promised myself and Heavenly Father that I would follow the prophet and not watch such movies. Then I had a chance to watch it. I remembered my promise and didn’t watch it, though it was hard not to. But it was worth it. I know that I will get many blessings for not watching that kind of movie. I’m choosing while I’m young to not watch any bad movies, and so it won’t be hard for me when I am older. It makes me feel good inside when I make right choices.