Following the Prophet

    “Following the Prophet,” Friend, Jan. 2001, 8

    Following the Prophet

    We search the prophets (Jacob 4:6).

    The Primary children of the Jersey City Second Branch, Caldwell New Jersey Stake, love President Hinckley and want to follow his counsel. Here are some of their testimonies about doing that:

    “I will be baptized one day.”

    Kyra Baker, age 3
    Weehawken, New Jersey

    “By going to church and Sharing Time, I am following the prophet.”

    Edward Carrillo, age 9
    Jersey City, New Jersey

    “This is me, when I am old enough, going to the temple to be baptized for my ancestors.”

    Karen Leon, age 11
    North Bergen, New Jersey

    “I will follow President Hinckley because he helps us follow Jesus.”

    Samantha Salinas, age 6
    Jersey City, New Jersey

    “President Hinckley is the prophet we need to follow now.”

    Ghemour Dorelus, age 6
    Union City, New Jersey

    “President Hinckley wants us to read the Book of Mormon. I read it at my mother’s desk where she works.”

    Daniesha Dorelus, age 8
    Union City, New Jersey

    “I love President Hinckley.”

    Daniel Wood, age 5
    Leonia, New Jersey

    “Noah was a prophet, and the people should have followed him. We need to follow the prophet today by going to church, praying, keeping the commandments, and reading the Book of Mormon.”

    Marlene Gamboa, age 11
    Hoboken, New Jersey

    “I will follow President Hinckley by reading the scriptures and praying.”

    Aleesha Fernandez, age 8
    Hoboken, New Jersey

    “We followed the prophet by listening to the missionaries, accepting the gospel, and being baptized.”

    Tyquion Miller, 9
    Tyron Miller, 8
    Shakie Miller, 11
    Jersey City, New Jersey

    Kyra; Edward; Karen; Samantha

    Drawing by Karen Leon

    Drawing by Samantha Salinas

    Drawing by Aleesha Fernandez

    Ghenour; Daniesha; Daniel; Marlene; Aleesha; Tyquion; Tyron; Shakie