President Joseph Fielding Smith Crossword

    “President Joseph Fielding Smith Crossword,” Friend, Jan. 2001, 5

    President Joseph Fielding Smith Crossword

    You can learn about President Joseph Fielding Smith by doing this crossword puzzle. Read the clues, then fill in the puzzle by choosing the correct answer from the words in the colored band below.

    Crossword puzzle

    Book of Mormon



    ice cream



    fighter jets


    Great Britain

    Salt Lake Temple


    1. When he was ten years old, Joseph Fielding Smith drove his mother in their __________ to the homes of women who were going to have babies—often very late at night.

    2. As a boy, Joseph watched the construction of this building and wondered how long it would take to be completed. He attended its dedication when he was sixteen years old.

    3. President Smith learned to fly these kinds of airplanes.

    4. When Joseph Fielding Smith was a boy, this treat was one of his favorites.

    5. President Smith set aside this day of the week for family home evening.

    6. One of President Smith’s favorite things to do with his children was making this kind of dessert.


    1. Joseph loved the scriptures. By the time he was ten years old, he had read this volume of scripture.

    2. Just a year after getting married, Joseph was called on a mission to this European country.

    3. Joseph’s ____________, Joseph F. Smith, was also a president of the Church.

    4. Even as a very old man, President Joseph Fielding Smith was an excellent player of this sport.


    Painting of Joseph Fielding Smith by Lee Greene Richards