Wicked King Herod

    “Wicked King Herod,” Friend, Sept. 2000, 18

    Wicked King Herod

    Chapter 8

    Herod kills the babies

    The Wise Men had said that Jesus would be king. Herod wanted to be the only king. Knowing that Jesus was a baby, he told his soldiers to kill all the babies in Bethlehem and nearby places. Matt. 2:3, 13, 16

    Joseph takes Mary and Jesus to Egypt

    An angel told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt, a country far from Bethlehem. Herod would not find Jesus there. Matt. 2:13

    The baby Jesus saved

    Joseph obeyed. He and Mary and Jesus were in Egypt when Herod’s soldiers killed all the babies in Bethlehem. Matt. 2:14, 16

    John was safe

    Zacharias did not want John to be killed, so he sent Elisabeth and John to the mountains. John was safe there. Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, page 261

    Zacharias wouldn’t tell Herod where John was

    King Herod asked Zacharias where John was, but Zacharias would not tell him. Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, page 261

    Soldiers hill Zacharias

    King Herod sent his soldiers to kill Zacharias. They killed him near the altar in the temple. Matt. 23:35

    Joseph, Mary and Jesus return to Nazareth

    After King Herod died, an angel told Joseph to take Jesus and Mary home. Joseph took them to Nazareth, where Jesus was safe. Matt. 2:19–21, 23

    Illustrated by Paul Mann