Bishop Larson
September 2000

“Bishop Larson,” Friend, Sept. 2000, 43

Bishop Larson

The father of our ward tends with loving care
Each member’s needs with kindly deeds;
Our bishop’s always there
(Children’s Songbook, page 209).

Our bishop is Bishop Larson. He’s a wonderful man! He’s very busy, but he always has time to talk if you have a problem. The only time he ever closes his office door is when he’s talking to someone privately.

Whenever I pass him in the halls at church, he always stops and shakes my hand and asks me how things are going. He knows every child in our ward.

Bishop Larson plays with my dad on the ward basketball team. I watch them play every Saturday. He’s a good guard, and he can make free throws like a champ! I do my best to cheer them on.

All the children like to visit Bishop Larson in his office because he makes them feel special. He lets us sit in a huge chair, and he talks to us like we are adults. Then, when he’s finished, he lets us take a piece of candy from a bowl he keeps in a small cupboard in his office.

I remember when I had my baptismal interview with him. I was sort of nervous. I didn’t know what he was going to ask me. We said a prayer together and talked for a while about the gospel and other things. The next thing I knew, he was shaking my hand and telling me that I could be baptized. I had forgotten all about being afraid! I know that when it’s time for me to have another interview, I won’t be nervous at all.

This year, we are planning a special Christmas program to perform in front of the entire ward. Bishop Larson likes to come to hear us rehearse. He says he’s never heard us sound better than we do now. He thinks it’s going to be a great performance, and he tells us to keep up the good work!

I am glad that Heavenly Father provided us with wise and kind leaders like Bishop Larson. He cares about us and is willing to help us no matter what. When I grow up, I hope that I will be a good leader, too. Whenever I say a prayer, I remember to thank my Heavenly Father for Bishop Larson.

Illustrated by Dick Brown