Five-Year-Old Member Missionary

    “Five-Year-Old Member Missionary,” Friend, July 1997, 42–43

    Five-Year-Old Member Missionary

    Learn wisdom in thy youth (Alma 37:35).

    Last year, when I was five years old, I wanted to practice being a missionary. I decided to give the family home evening lesson. I prepared the lesson by myself. I cut out temple pictures from old magazines so I could talk about temples. When I showed a picture of a temple, I asked my family to guess which temple it was. Then I read the name that was written on the back of it. I wore my church clothes. On my white shirt, I had attached a little missionary tag that my grandparents had given me. It said “Future Missionary.”

    This experience helped me to be more like Jesus Christ because He was a missionary too. He taught and served many people. I want to be a missionary like Jesus Christ.

    Illustrated by Rachel Newcomb