Kitchen ‘Fireworks’

    “Kitchen ‘Fireworks’” Friend, July 1997, 31

    Kitchen “Fireworks”

    To make these “fireworks,” you will need: 2 cups of whole milk, a baking pan, food coloring, and dishwashing liquid.

    1. Pour the milk into the baking pan.

    2. Squirt different colors of food coloring around in different places in the milk (see photo).

    3. Add a squirt of the dishwashing liquid, and watch the colors burst and swirl. Remember, these fireworks are for watching, not for eating!

    We couldn’t capture this with a picture, but the color bursts are beautiful! The dishwashing liquid separates the fat in the milk from the rest of it and causes it to move. If it slows down, just add another squirt of dishwashing liquid.

    Photo by Cindy Higham