Travel Fun

    “Travel Fun,” Friend, July 1997, 23

    Travel Fun

    Travel Guide Take turns being the travel guide for towns you visit. If possible, get information ahead of time from the library or the area tourist bureau. Or just make up fun facts as you go. To make it a game, combine made-up information with real information and see if your fellow travelers can guess which is fact and which is fiction.

    Picture Travel Logs Draw pictures of interesting things you see and do while you travel or visit family and/or friends. Date your pictures, write short paragraphs about each one, and put them in your journal when you get home. Or make up a story about what you would do with an object or person or place that is new to you. Share your story with your fellow travelers.

    City Letter Scramble Give each person a pad of paper and a pencil. Each time you enter a new city or town, write its name at the top of the paper and put down as many words as you can using just the letters in that city’s name. (Words needing capital letters are not allowed.) Who thought of the most words? How many did you think of all together? Who thought of a three-letter word? Did anyone write any words that rhyme? Think of ways to make everyone a winner!

    Scavenger Hunt Ahead of time, prepare a list of things to look for. If there are very young children, draw pictures of each thing. Cross off each item when you see it. The first person who sees an item should point it out to the others so they, too, may cross it off his/her list. See how fast you can find things working together. Possible items on the list might be a windmill; a red van; a license plate from another country or faraway state; a radio-transmitter tower; a billboard advertising something starting with the letter J; a black-and-white dog, cat, or cow; people walking together wearing identical jackets, shirts, or hats; a goat, deer, or skunk.