“Ducklings,” Friend, July 1995, 23


    (A game from Germany for three to ten players)

    Players sit in a semicircle. A player at one end asks questions, which are then passed, one at a time, from player to player until they reach the player at the other end, who sends the answer back through the semicircle in reverse order. The questions and answers—and the duckling itself—may be changed. Here are some possibilities:



    Do you have a duckling to sell?

    Yes, I have a duckling to sell.

    Can it walk?

    Yes, it can walk.

    How does it walk?

    It walks like this. (Players each get up and waddle like a duck when they say this.)

    Can it talk?

    Yes, it can talk.

    How does it talk?

    It talks like this. (Players each quack after saying this.)

    The object is to keep from laughing. If any player laughs while saying the message, he or she must pay a forfeit, such as hopping around the semicircle without stopping or singing a nursery rhyme song or telling a joke or riddle.