New Testament People

    “New Testament People,” Friend, July 1995, 26

    New Testament People

    A M N O M I S H O J R
    N J A W T T A M A T T
    D J A M E S H P P H A
    R N A N S H H N H O J
    E T H E R I T T A M O
    W E M O L O H T R A B
    N A A I D J U D A S A
    J R P E T E R T A M R

    1. This Apostle’s first name was Simon. Jesus gave him a new name, Cephas, which means “stone.” ___________________

    2. This Apostle was one of Jesus’ first disciples. He is the brother of Peter. ___________________

    3. These two men are sons of Zebedee. Jesus called them the “sons of Thunder.” ___________________ and __________________

    4. He was a friend of Philip. Sometimes he was called Nathanael. Jesus said that he had no guile. ___________________

    5. His name was Levi before he was converted. He was a publican, or tax collector. His writings appear in the first book of the New Testament. ___________________

    6. John called this man Didymus, which means twin. He said he’d have to feel the prints in Jesus’ hands before he believed that Jesus was resurrected. ___________________

    7. This man had the same name as one of Zebedee’s sons, but his father was Alphaeus. ___________________

    8. This man was called “the Canaanite” and also Zelotes. His first name was the same as Peter’s first name. ___________________

    9. This man betrayed the Savior. His second name was Iscariot. ___________________

    10. This man told his friend Nathanael about Jesus. He said, “We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.” ___________________

    Check your answers to this part in Matthew 10:2–4 [Matt. 10:2–4]; Mark 3:17–18; Luke 6:14–16; John 1:40–47 and John 20:24–25; and Bible Dictionary—Matthew; then find the names in the letter square by reading forward, backward, down, up, and diagonally.